My links!!!
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My links....
These are my fav links to skate and music websites!!

Check out linkin its really cool!!

Search Engines
Blind skating News, shops & info on blind products
Dc shoes News, comps & info on dc products also links to shops
World industries World official site!!
Limp site Better than limp!!!

More Sites
Eminem The official site!!!
Network 26 (sidewalk skate mag!!) skating, surfinng, snowboarding & bmxing!!
limp bizkit!! The official limp bizkit website!! Not music or skating but great fun!!!!!
Joke frog Again not skating or music but really funny jokes & pics!!!
Dre d-r-e A website for all dr dre fans (like me!!!)
Hsc+ The best skate shop i've come across
Richies Music This is my friends website and if you liked mine you have to go to this one!!!!!
The simpsons Again not a skate or music site but it's loads of fun!!