My fav Jokes!
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These are some of my fav jokes!!!

Talking Duck!!
A duck walk's into a bar and orders a pint. The barman serves him and thinks "Wow a talking duck... In my pub!"

The duck orders another pint and the barman says: "What brings you here?"

The duck replies and says: "I'm doing a job here I'm a builder."

The duck becomes a regular at the pub and one night a circus ringmaster came in. He ordered a pint and the barman says: "I've got an idea for a new act for you. A talking duck comes in here ebvery day at 5pm come here tomorow and meet him!"

The ring master says Ok.

The next day the duck and the ringmaster come in and meet. After a while he sees them shake hands and the ringmaster left.

"How did it go?" said the barman.

"Great" said the duck."But I'm not sure what a circus want with a brick layer!"
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3 Men wake up in prison...

3 men wake up in prison and wondered what they'd done, they had all been sentanced to...death!

So the next day they were gonna be killed on the elictric chair.

The firt man comes up and sais: "I am a true cristian god won't let this happen to me."

They flicked the switch....Nothing happened.

The next man comes up and says: "I work for you're boss he won't let you do this to me."

They flicked the switch....Nothing happened.

The last man came up and said: "I've worked in electronics for 25 years and I know that this chair won't work unless you plug it in."